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Teddy Altman
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This is a character journal used for roleplaying Teddy Altman/Hulkling in a RP game. My RL journal is here. Teddy Altman belong to Marvel Comics, which I have no affiliation with.

Teddy Altman is (as far as he knows) a teenage mutant with shape-shifting powers and super-strength. He hooked up with the Young Avengers after realizing that using his powers to win popularity really wasn't worth it. Fortunately, being a Young Avenger was worth it, not in the least because it introduced him to Billy Kaplan, his spell-slinging teammate who was not only also gay, but just as interested in Teddy as Teddy was in him!

Teddy knows that he has some connection to one of the Avengers, but doesn't know what it is yet and really isn't that concerned by it. He lives in New York with his mother, a widow who lost her husband in a car crash before Teddy was born.